Many parents are often hassled as they find their children running all over the house and upsetting things. Indeed, in small homes this is a dilemma that parents face. For children, there might not be a designated play area where they can restrict their activities. It is necessary to arrange the schedule of children accordingly and provide them a separate space of their own where they can explore different games and activities and not get into the way of adults.

Play area rooms
Even if you do not have much space to create a separate room for the kids to play, you can always designate a space in their room where they can play and have fun. For that you need to invest in a classy craft room furniture and storage units that you will find being sold in different furniture stores, online and offline. All you need to do is set up a unit and allow the kids to place different things in this unit which can be used to do art and craft activities in different ways.

Model the right way
Even if you invest in craft room furniture and storage unit and leave the children to it, they might not know the right way to use the items and they will end up simply ignoring it. You need to show them the way of using the different colored pieces of paper which can be cut into shapes and stuck on chart paper and made into interesting objects. If you model the behavior that you want them to follow, the same will come through. 

Invest in interesting art and craft activities
Nowadays there are interesting DIY kits that are available in the market. From bracelet making to play dough for making different shapes and objects, these can be wonderful items that can be used over and over again. Simple drawing kits and a handful of art paper of different kinds with an instruction booklet can be useful guides for older children. You can also add a shelf of books to this unit and help children develop an interest in reading.

Set time aside for craft work
The more time is dedicated to craft work, the more children will be interested in these activities. An adult in the house should spend time in spare time to help the children explore different DIY activities with the art and craft supplies that are present. If this guidance is provided to children in the beginning, they will grow up with an interest in craft work and be able to create wonderful projects on their own as they have developed the habit of doing art and craft activities at home and their parents are involved in these activities as well.